Episode One Officially Launched!

The Children of Amri:

Amri Children’s School…a peaceful and inspiring place to 240 children who are either orphans, abandoned, or destitute (or all of these) in Kikuyu, Kenya, Africa. Pastor Joel Nganyi is doing incredible work for these children and offers something they desperately need: HOPE. Watch this powerful video and witness the meager conditions and resources that Amri School operates within. They have very little, but the joy of the children is endless. After viewing the video, if you can donate anything large or small, here is a list of needs and a dollar amount associated with that item:
**SHOES for the children: 400 Kenya Shillings(KSh) per pair ( $5.00 USD)
**DESKS for each  classroom: approx 4,000 KSh per desk ($50.00 USD)
**MONTHLY RENT for the school land 16,500 KSh ($200 USD)
**FOOD per day 2,000 KSh ($24 USD)
**SCHOOL SUPPLIES approx 200 KSh per student set ($2.40 USD)
**TEXT BOOKS approx 16,000 KSh for each class ($192 USD)
**SCHOOL UNIFORMS 700 KSh per student ($8.50 USD)
Megan’s House Worldwide, Inc will be working collectively with Amri School to build sustainability with their programs and brainstorm ways to make the school more self sufficient. Amri School would like to start a gardening program, wood shop program and small businesses to help teach the students trades and provide self-funding for the school.

You can DONATE online by clicking in the upper right hand corner on “DONATE NOW”

“Like” us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/MegansHouse/153058241414106

be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel:

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