Finally…The Kenya Crusade Makes It to Dadaab!

During 2011 the Somali’s were fleeing their country, due to famine and war, in record numbers to create the world’s largest refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya. World news reporters and celebrities were a common sight in Dadaab in late 2011, but now it seems the world’s attention has faded and the cameras have left. However, the 500,000 refugees that make this their temporary home still need help in creating a bearable environment and moving on to a sustainable life.

One such family, the Salat family, is in desperate need of bettering their life. The refugee camp is not conducive to the handicap that 4 of their family members have. Dahir Salat, a father of 6, made a comfortable living as a small business owner in Kismayu, Somalia before being forced from his home by the terrorist organization al-shabaab 4 years ago. Now he desperately needs help to start a business so that his family can survive until he is able to get relocated to another country.

Watch this episode of The Kenya Crusade and see how you can give Dahir and his family hope.

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