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What’s Next for Megan’s House

I have been back in Tacoma, Washington, USA for about 60 days now and have had much time to reflect and plan for what the future holds. I am honored to have shared my story and adventure with well over 5,000 people since I returned, speaking at churches and community functions throughout the Puget Sound. I have connected with dozens of people throughout the region and have built amazing relationships with people who want to get involved and help. Ultimately, what have I decided to do? Well, it turns out after decompressing, downloading, and speaking to so many enthusiastic people…I have a tremendous love and passion for the people of Somalia and Kenya and will be returning to Africa in February of 2013! (you can certainly give to this cause).

Jenny Margaret and Clinton are some of the most beautiful children in the world.

There may be a book on the horizon as well. I have unintentionally created a template for international missionary and aid work for under-funded individuals. This is a template I want to share with the world, so that people who are called to go out into the world can do so without the limitations of lack of money. I know there are so many visions and dreams that be fulfilled if people can overcome the money barrier. I want to show people how to mirror what we did here at Megan’s House and create a forum where people can give directly to the source of aid, just like James and Jessica from Missouri were able to do (see Episode 8) for the children of Amri School.

As I prepare to speak to more groups of people and help others achieve their missionary and/or aid goals, I am very excited to bring fellow dreamers out to Kenya early next year with me. If this is something that you thought was out of reach or far-fetched, think again. I thought that very same thing at one point. If I can inspire others to dream big and answer your Godly calling then my life will truly be fulfilled. It’s my pleasure to take some time and chat about your possible adventure.

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