About Megan’s House

Megan’s House was founded by a small group of people in Seattle, WA, U.S.A. and was born out of a vision realized during the 2011 Global Leadership Summit. It started out simply to help others in need, specifically in the Horn of Africa, due to the worst drought that the area has experienced in 60 years, but has plans to extend to other areas of the world.

The Mission Statement~
“Megan’s House empowers individuals and families, who are stranded, lost, or needy, to build self-sustainability through a multi-faceted approach: provide immediate relief where needed, produce compelling videos to expose truths or pose solutions, and develop strategies for long-term financial health.”

Currently, the center of operations for Megan’s House is in and around Dadaab, Kenya, which is home to the largest refugee camp in the world, housing over 500,000 refugees. Dadaab sits on the border between Kenya and Somalia (See Episode 9). The long-term vision for Megan’s House is to run a fully functioning orphanage, feeding program and hospital on its own private compound in Liboi, Kenya. This is the most easterly town in Kenya before entering Somalia.

Megan’s House also considers side projects to help with in addition to the main focus of the Dadaab Refugee Camps. One such project is the Amri Children’s School in Kikuyu, Kenya that cares for 240 children of the Central Valley area. (See Episode 1)

The financial strength in Megan’s House will come from online donations inspired by the different episodes that are produced on a consistent basis, usually covering different areas of need. The videos will also generate revenue from YouTube “ad sharing compensation”.

We consider this a unique form of a non-profit company and sets us apart from the other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). The revenue that is generated by Megan’s House immediately goes to work and is not subject to the typical overhead and bureaucracy of the bigger NGO’s. We like to consider our self a “micro NGO”. The smaller we are and the more efficient we stay, the faster we can put the aid revenue to work on the ground where its needed most.

We thank you in advance for your wonderful support.

Christopher and Team

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